Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More exciting DNA news

Found a match for McGuire DNA on the 11th chromosome.

I think.

I am still taking baby steps when it comes to genetic genealogy. I think, "Yay!" I've found a match for this brick wall or that brick wall," only to discover that it's a match by coincidence. Or my fragrant cousin who really understands gg cautions me, "It might be a match."

You still have to prove it using DNA triangulation or historic documents.

Well, here's one I can prove with both.

Three of the relatives in my line match one relative in another line of descent from Timothy McGuire and Mary Finney. Timothy was born about 1740 and died about 1790 in Greene County, GA. Mary Finney was born about 1740, died about 1796 also in Greene County, GA. These two are the most recent common ancestors for all three in my line and the one in other cousin's line.

I ran the DNA data for all four people through and got exact (gg-speaking) matches on the 11th chromosome. Four people--there's the triangulation, though it will be stronger when we can get another line to share test results.

My line is descended from Davidson McGuire and Margaret Kelley. Cousin's line is descended from an additional Timothy McGuire (so many Timothys...). All of this can be proved using historic documents from AL, GA, and PA. assertion that McGuire DNA has been found!


Unless, of course, it's Finney DNA.

The search continues.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Exciting DNA news

Maybe we've identified some of the DNA that comes from Britta Ann Green or John L. McGuire. Maybe. But we need more cousin samples to be sure.

My fragrant cousin showed me how to create a DNA map. It can be tedious to enter long lists of numbers, but the results can be verrrrrrrrry interesting. In essence, you create a database with chromosome start and end locations and compare matching centiMorgans and SNPS. Numbers that are similar to each other likely indicate that the chromosome is inherited from the MRCA (most recent common ancestor). The more distant cousins (3rd - 8th) who take part, the more you can triangulate and hone in on those pesky buggers.

The tools on are the easiest to use. I think it took me five minutes to upload my data from Ancestry and FtDNA.

We've uploaded at least a dozen kits from our branch of the family to GEDmatch. This is great, but what it tells us is that we're all closely related. Luckily a fourth cousin descended from Britta and John recently uploaded a kit.

Hooray!!!! Thank you!!!!

By comparing which chromosomes match with ours, we can start to find Britta and John's DNA. If we can find Britta's DNA, we may be able to find her mother using mitochondrial DNA. So exciting!!!!

I've found spots on two chromosomes that seem like a pretty close match. I will not go out on a limb and say that this is Britta or John's DNA. What I will say is that if we can get a few more distant cousins to upload to GEDmatch, we might be able to triangulate and prove in a statistically meaningful way that this is definitely Britta's/John's DNA.

This method allowed us to break through a brick wall and prove that Polly Pinson Peters was indeed born a Dennis.

When Britta died in 1919, she was survived by 104 living descendants. Any cousins out there got a DNA test—and a sledgehammer????

Thursday, December 4, 2014

More about Eliza McGuire, wife of Timothy

It's been a while since I've posted here. Life happens.

Onto the good news:

According to Tochter5, one of my McGuire correspondents, DNA evidence has proved that "E. E." Elizabeth Eliza Louisa, wife of Timothy McGuire, was indeed the daughter of Benjamin Wilson of Shelby County, AL.

It was most generous of Tochter5 to share that information, especially as her original theory about Eliza's identity differed from mine. But having met her, I can vouch that she walks the research walk and is willing to change her trees based on new and proved information.

There's no link to a source because she sent me the word via email.

Luckily there's more information on Benjamin Wilson and his family here from Donna Causey at Alabama Pioneers:

Two notes:

1. ALPioneers lacks the information that Eliza was a daughter of Benjamin Wilson and Hannah Harless.

2. Today many people think that Elizabeth and Eliza are the same name. Indeed, they both stem from the name "Elizabeth." But people in the 1800's considered them two different names. This is at least the third family I've encountered with both an "Elizabeth" and an "Eliza" who are different people.

Isn't it nice when your theories prove correct??

Happy hunting!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Some thoughts about John L. McGuire

1. John L. was named for an unknown family McGuire family member. Margaret's Kelley family had no Johns that we know of, while in Davidson's family there are several other Johns (son of Isaac McGuire and son of Timothy and Mary Phinney/Finney McGuire) and at least one other John L. (son of Thomas McGuire and Margaret Hayes; lived in Marion County, AL).

2. What the "L" stands for, nobody knows. One family tree by a researcher I respect has "LeTerpsey" as a possibility, but it's just a suggestion. There's no proof.  And if my middle name were "LeTerpsey," I'd use just the middle initial, too. 

Another possibility—but again, no proof—is that John's middle name was "Len." His daughter Mary Drusilla named her first son "Len Franklin." John's other surviving children, Ellen and Stephen, both had sons named "John," but not with the middle initial "L."

3. A sad fact here:

Several of John's in-laws and children named their offspring "John." For example:

• John H. McLaughlin, son of William H. and Mary Jane McGuire McLaughlin

• John McLaughlin, son of Joseph and Alsy McGuire McLaughlin

• John Walter Hill, son of Ellen McGuire and William Hill

• John T. McGuire, son of Stephen Douglas McGuire and Ada Wilson

Yet, in a family that used the same names over and over, none of this couple's in-laws or children named their female offspring "Britta Ann." Makes you wonder what she was like....

4. The 1850 and 1860 Censuses in which John appears both put his birth year as 1833. Assuming that's true, he does not appear in the 1830 U.S. Census for AL, but there are three males younger than 10 (Timothy, James, and Charles). In the 1840 U.S. Census for AL, there's one male 5 - 10 (John L., 7) and three males 10 - 15 (Timothy, James, and Charles). By 1840 John L. had lots of younger sibs, too. (Sarah, Alsy, Robert, Hiram K., and maybe Emily)

5. John L. was a middle child. According to several websites, middle children play off the attributes of older siblings. See this article from

Since they must negotiate for attention, middle children may be very diplomatic. On the other hand, feeling that the older children get all the positive attention, they may rebel and seek friends outside the family. John L. seems to have been the latter type, though he may have been tight with his brother Charles. 

I base this conclusion on several facts:

• 1851: Fighting and beaten at age 18 in Shelby County 

• 1852: Joining Mt. Hebron Church at age 19 to make amends

• 1854: Marrying Britta Ann Green, an outsider who seems to have come from nowhere

• 1854: Being excluded from Mt. Hebron in 1854 for swearing. No record of  ever returning

• 1854 - 1860: Giving his children names that do not run in his family, even though most of his siblings did

• 1860: Having $50 on hand for the 1860 Census. It was not unusual for children to get their inheritances early; and this would explain why John L. is not mentioned in W.H. McLaughlin's 1867 notes on distributions from Davidson's estate. 

6. I believe that John L. was tight with his brother Charles. They were only four to five years apart in birth order, and Charles was the brother closest in age to John L. I base this theory on several facts:

• John got married just days after Charles. 

• In Leeds, Her Story a soldier reminisces about the 18th AL and mentions "John and Charlie McGuire" in the same breath.

• John and Charles served together in the 18th AL Infantry. 

7. That's all for now, folks. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

The mysteries of Mary Drucilla

Mary Drucilla McGuire was born October 22, 1858, probably in Leeds, AL. She was the second child and second daughter of John L. McGuire and Britta Ann Green.

We think.


Family trees usually list Mary Drucilla as the daughter of Britta and John. Certainly everyone in my line assumes that she was Britta's daughter, and I've never heard otherwise from anybody. But her death certificate records Georgia Smith as her mother. See here:

A Smith family did live near the McGuires in the 1860 Census. I've spent years investigating whether or not John L. hanky-pankied with their daughter nicknamed Georgia, but so far have found nada.


Let's for the moment assume that Mary is Britta's daughter.


Why was she named Mary Drucilla? 

The "Mary" part is easy. Britta Green's older sister—or possibly (but not likely) mother—was named Mary. But why the name "Drucilla"?

Three theories make sense:

• "Drucilla" is a family name. It has certainly carried down our family line, even to the current generation. 

• Mollie was named for neighbor Drucilla Ragsdale. 

• Britta just liked the name. 

None of Britta's surviving children are named for people in John L.'s family. This is odd, considering how both the McGuires and the Greens used the same names generation after generation. So I'm guessing that Britta decided to name this child after her good friend, Drucilla, the doctor's wife.


Why did 12-year-old Drucilla live with the Hayden family as a domestic servant in Randolph, Bibb County, in 1870? Both siblings Ellen and Douglas were living with mother Britta and step-dad Mike Flynn in Randolph. If the family needed money, why didn't Ellen live with another family as domestic help, too?  


Why did Mary Drucilla marry so young? She was born October 22, 1858, and married in January 29, 1874, making her only 15 when she married the widower Simmin. Her sister Ellen married at age 14. Why? Did they want to escape their step-father? Or did they want to escape Britta?


What in the heck did Mary Drucilla see in Simmin Aaron Edins anyway???? He drank and he shot people. He went to jail for it. I don't see it, but of course, she didn't ask my opinion. I wasn't even born yet. Her early marriage to a tough, tough man eight years her senior suggests that she would have done anything to get out of a bad home situation. 

Just sayin'.... 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Family character: ultimately hopeful

Despite the lack of recent postings here, I have been blogging about the family. Just different branches—at about the Eddinses and about the Greens and McKinneys.

The more I learn about this family, the more it hits me how scrappy and even dysfunctional parts of the family have been. Mental illness. Addiction. Assault and battery. Even a murder or two. Recent generations have been scarred by this family heritage.

The data makes me wonder about family patterns and inherited tendencies. It also makes me proud of our tenacity and ability to overcome odds against us.

For example, there's a clear pattern of dysfunction in Davidson McGuire's family. Davidson was kicked out of Mt. Hebron Church for drinking too much. Let's face it, a lot of people drank alcohol to excess in those days; still do. But Davidson's abuse was so rampant that the church felt compelled to call him on it. If you read 

American Congregations, Volume 1: Portraits of Twelve Religious Communities by James P. Wind and James W. Lewis

you'll see that that Mt. Hebron congregation was very forgiving and wanted only for its members to shape up and return. Davidson was undoubtedly warned and ultimately shunned. Eventually—and probably through Margaret's influence—Davidson was reunited with the church. But he was away a long, long time. 

Davidson's son John L. was assaulted—for what???—and hauled into court at age 18. At 19 he joined the Mt. Hebron Church. Aged about 20 he married Britta Ann Green. Less than a year later he was cited by the church for swearing and ultimately excluded a year after he married. He never returned. 

John L. and Britta married in January 1854. Ellen Nora, their first known child, was born in 1858. One wonders why, in a family where children pop out regularly, it took four years for the first surviving child to be born....

John L.'s daughter Mary Drucilla McGuire married Simmin Aaron Edins/Eddins, a man known for drunkenness. He got so drunk his buddies would clap him on his horse and slap the horse's rump to send them home. The horse knew the way. Sad. He served prison time for assault and actually did much worse. Sadder. Simmin died thinking he was a member of his church. Unh-unh. He was so mean that he'd been excluded but nobody had the guts to tell him.  Saddest.

Simmin's drinking disgusted his daughter Lizzie (Rebecca Elizabeth). She never touched a drop. However, she married a silent man who told their first born to be quiet when the child was crying at night from "just" an earache. Turned out to be a fever that killed the child. Thomas, her husband, took the three-year-old's body out into the church field and buried it. Lizzie never knew where that child was buried. Most saddest.

The current generations have seen their share of inherited problems.  Addiction, mental illness, assault and battery, autoimmune disease, jail time. But I have to say, we show courage, too. Lots of courage! Getting help. Fighting back. Letting the past go.  Overcoming the odds. Sticking with it. Learning and progressing. Not every branch, and not every one. But enough.  Enough to keep our lines learning, adapting, and continuing.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mt. Hebron Baptist Church members

In 2008 I visited Samford University, Birmingham, AL, with my cousin. I was delighted to find microfilms of the original church records from Mt. Hebron Church, Leeds, AL. This is where Davidson, Margaret, Mahala, Eliza, John L., and other McGuires worshipped. At least, they worshipped there at some point. Davidson was kicked out once for overimbibing, but was readmitted. John L. was kicked out for swearing, and there's no record of him going back. Nice.

Mt. Hebron Church is about six miles south of Leeds, AL, on Route 119. Now that we've pinpointed Davidson's land as just outside the center of town near the current LeHigh Cement company, it's possible to estimate how long it took them to get to church. If one accepts the published rule of thumb that a loaded carriage can go four to six miles an hour, Davidson and Margaret had to drive one hour to church, give or take a few minutes.

A bit later I transcribed the membership list, thinking to post it online to help others who have helped me. Duh. Three years later it's finally getting posted. Better late than never, I guess.

The list is transcribed as written, spelled, and capitalized. The names are grouped together in bunches of about 10 for ease of reading. There were no extra line spaces in the original book.

I transcribed this list from copies of microfilms, which themselves were copies. There are probably mistakes, but at least it's a good start. As always, please use this list as a starting point for your own research and prove it, prove it, prove it!

Here's the list:

February the 10th, 1825
Names of the members that was at the Constition of Hebron Church (in pencil) 1819

1. John Pool
2. Huldah Pool
3. James Herring
4. William Pool
5. Nancy Wyatt
6. Thomas McAdams
7. Mary McAdams
8. Nancy Howard *
9. Job Mason
11. Jonathan Dunham
12. William Dunham

The following members has been added since the Constitution

13. Joseph Ray
14. James Hathorn
15. Flora Neal
16. Isaac Foreman
17. Frances Foreman
18. Thomas Fant
19. James Chaney
20. Elizabeth Chaney
21. John McDonald, Sen.
22. Rachel McDonald
23. Henry Cox
24. Jane Cox
25. Alexander Godwin

26. Sister Godwin
27. Kiziah McLaughlin
28. Allen McDonald ?
29. Phebe McDonald
30. Jesse Sparks
31. Mary Sparks
32. Thomas Cox
33. Hannah Whitfield
34. William White
35. Melinda D. Cox

36. William McCain
37. Margret McCain
38. William Ray
39. Nancy Ray
40. James Wyatt, Sen.
41. Anna Ray (MN Wyatt)
42. William Dunham
43. Mary Dunham
44. William Wyatt
45. Sarah McGuire, Sen.

46. Mitchell Pool
47. Susan Herring
48. James Armstrong, Sen.
49. Susan Armstrong, Sen.
50. Bob, a servant
51. Anthony, a servant
52. Andrew McCain
53. Margaret McCain
54. Robert McCain
55. Jane P. McCain

56. Abraham Nations, Sen.
57. Rebecca Nations, Sen.
58. Ann Hardin
59. Isaac, a servant
60. Lacy, a servant
61. Mary, a servant
62. Dorcas Townsend
63. Anna McLelon (?)
64. Thomas McLelon (?)
65. Susan Townsend

66. Nancy Oliver (MN Drummond)
67. James Loven?
68. Thomas Loven?
69. William ? Robinson
70. Sarah Loven ?
72. John, a servant of Jas. Cameron
73. John, a servant
74. Mary McLelon ?
75. Joseph Neal

76. Esther Neal
77. Mahaley Worthy
78. Rose, a servant of Wm. Watson
79. William Oliver
80. Jane McLenden (same as McLenon?)
81. Nancy Robtson ? (MN Butler)
82. Margaret McDonald (MN McClung)
83. Alexander Langley
84. Anna Mason
85. Pattey, a servant of R. S. Shepherd?

86. Ann Jones
87. Susan Harris
88. Wiley Wyatt?
89. Elizabeth Hutchingson
90. Sarah, a sevant
91. Billy, a servant of John McDanal (can’t read) ?
92. Sally, a servant of Tidwell?
93. Pero, a servant?
94. Primus, a servant
95. Lewis, a servant

96. Anna Hutchingson
97. Allen Herring
98. Jesse Wyatt
99. Mary Masewater?
100. Sarah M. Cameron
101. Winney, a servant ?
102. Stephen, a servant of J. Wilder ?
103. Jerry, a servantof Jordan ?
104. Louiza, a servant of Jones
105. Thomas Carroll

106 Ann Carroll
107. Emily, a servant of Wm. Cameron
108. Asa Wyatt (next door to Timothy McGuire, James Herrin, and Allen McDonald in Jeff. Co. in 1840. Also Peyton Worthey, Mitchell Pool, Bailey, etc.
109. Cintha Wyatt
110. Falby McDonald
111. John Glison
112. Harbard Suggs (maybe related to harbert T. Sugg in MS in 1850?) (Could be the same as Harbard Sugg in either Franklin or Fayette Counties AL in 1840) (1830 either Bedford, TN, or Franklin, AL)
113. Rebecca Suggs
114. David McDonald
115. John McDonald, Jr.

116. Eliza Cox (MN Wood)
117. Annie Cameron
118. Thomas Lowery
119. Martha Lowery
120. Louisa McDonald (MN McDanal)
121. Mary McDonald (MN Hawkins)
122, Abram, a servant of R. S. Shepherd
123. Ned Potter (free colored)
124. John Lowery, Sr.
125. Nancy, a servant of Shepherd

126. William, a servant of J. A. Given
127. Crofford, a servant of R. S. Shepherd
128. Jim a servant of R. S. Shepherd
129. Esther, a servant of R. S. Shepherd
130. Robert G. Cox
131. Daniel. P. White
133. Polley Ann White (MN McDanal)
134. Peter, a servant of John McDanal)
135. Mark, a servant

136. William H. McDanal
137. Ellis, a sevant of R. S. Shepherd
138. Peyton Worthy
139. Sarah Worthy
140. Martha Worthy (MN White)
141. Mary Worthy
142. John P. Herring
143. Hester Herring
144. Lewis W. Herring
145. James Armstrong, Jr. (In Shelby COunty in 1850:

146. Nancy Wilburn
147. Joel Harris
148. Anna Harris
149. Henry Widimon, Sen.
150. Levi Armstrong
151. John Nations (Walker County, AL. 1830; St. Clair County, AL, 1840)
152. Lucinda Nations
153. William C. McLaughlin??
154. ?
155. Moses Wyatt

156. Abrahm Nations, Sen.
157. Rebecca Nations, Sen.
158. Fieldin Waldrop
159. John McDanal, Sen.
160. George Whitfield (married Mary Kendrick in Shelby County in 1841.
161. Mary Whitfield
162. William Whitfield
163. Lemuel Faulker
164. Destimony Falkner
165. Isaac McLaughlin

166. John McLaughlin (1830 Shelby County, AL: (1840 Shelby County, AL:
167. Margaret McLaughlin
168. Elizabeth Nations
169. H. B. Moor
170. Jensey Moor
171. Amy Moor (MN McLaughlin)
172. Hezekiah Moor, Jr.
173. Joseph Moor
175. Elizabeth Kelley--this is probably after 1836, when the Sr. Charles Kelley has died, or else he’d be listed here, too.)

176. John Kelley
177. Davidson McGuire (This happened in April, 1835, according to the notes)
178. Margaret McGuire
179. Kutha Suggs
180. Jesse Howard
181. Sister Howard
182. Briant Herring
183. Daniel McDonald
184. Daniel Hillburn
185. Nancy Herring

186. Mahaley Armstrong (Probably Mahala Kelley, daughter of Charles Kelley & Elizabeth Howard)
187. Rebecca Whitfield
188. Sarah C. Whitfield
189. Rose, a servant of not ? Hayse
190. Alsey, a servant of Jemy McDanal
191. Julia, a servant of C. Thompson
192. Nancy E. White
193. Mary, a servant of B.White
194. Pattey, a servant of B. White
195. James Kendrick

196. Frances Kendrick
197. Sarah J. Moor (MN McGuire)
198. Elizabeth Moor
199. Permelia, a sevant
200. Isaac Herring
201. Isaac McGuire
202. Sarah McLendon
203. Tabitha McLendon
204. James McDonald
205. William B. Herring

206. Amanda Herring (MN Bass)
207. Thomas C. Crocker
208. Katharine McDonald
209. Giles Hollingsworth
210. Mary Holingswroth
211. Demus Ray
212. Andrew McDanal
213. Geroge, a sevant of R.S. Shepherd
214. Caleb, a sevant of Jemy McDanal ?
215. Eli Adkins

216. Frances Adkins
2217. Eliza, a sevant of W. Gilbert
218. Shackleford’s sevants dismissed
219. Rebecca McLendon
220. Amos Hutchingson
221. William Chennault
222. Nancy Chennault, Sen.
223. Fancy ?, a sevant of Jas H. Neal
224. Dolley, a sevant of Mrs ? Kirk?
225. Jef ? , a sevant of Beavers

226. Clary, a servant of Hutchinson, 227. Jane, a sevant of Wm. Oliver
228. Martha Lawley
229. Sarah Roberson
230. Mary Nutt
231. Phebe Mize
232. John Chennault, Sen.
233. Reubin Bowlin
234. Thomas B. Bagwell
135. John B. Obarr

136. Nancy Chennault, Jr. (MN Lowery)
237. ?
238. Samuel Thompkins
239. Eliza Thompkins
240. Isaac Howard
241. Marth Howard
242. Melinda Howard
243. Nancy Redding
244. Mary Armstrong (MN Bragg)
245. Lucinda Armstrong (MN Wilbrun)

246. Thomas Worthy
247. Lodema Pool (MN Sea??)
248. Priscilla Pool (MNMcLaughlin)
249. James Wyatt, Jr.
250. William Smith
251. Sister Smith

Resolutions & quarys & Rules altered

252. Eda Jacket or Sacket
253. Ursula, a sevant of Mrs. ? Hays
254. William Cain
255. Icey/ Bricey? McLendon

256. Felix G. Smith
257. Mary Smith
258. John Watson
259. Elizabeth Smith
260. Benjamin Smith
261. Sister Watson
262. Margaet Watson
263. Robert Kelley
264. Alexander Watson
265. Martha Isbell

266. William Watson
267. Bufford Moor
268. Alva H. McDonald
269. Melvina I. McDonald (MN Byers)
270. Elizabeth M. Pool (married Robert B. Jones)
271. Timothy McGuire
212. Mary A. Wyatt
273. J. J. Byers
274. Elizabeth Herring
275. John R. McDanal

276. Rebecca Hall
277. Henry Lowery
278 France Marion Hall??
279. James J.? Wyatt
280. Eliza Pool
281. Fr. Marion McDanal
282. Nathan McDanal
283, Elizabeth McDanal, Sen.
284. Elizabeth McDanal, Jr.
285. Anna Kelley (This is October 1849, as mentioned in the notes)

286. Isaac M. Pool
287. Napoleon McDanal
288. Lucinda McLaughlin
289. Marion McLaughlin
390. Bradley White
291. Samuel Wiles White
292. Nancy Glass
293. Alford M. Jones
294. Reuben Rodgers
295. Alexander Hall

296. Elizabeth Hall
297. Jeremiah W. McDanal, Jr.
298. James A. Moor
299. Henry Smith White
300. Mahaley McGuire (daughter of Davidson & Margaret McGuire. This is prior to 1850, as she was in parents’ household)
301. Martha Jane Hardin (MN Kelley)
302. Margaret C. Harden (MN Godwin)
303. Martha Jane Byram
304. Soophrona McDonald
305. Mary Caroline Byers (MN Moor)

306. Martha Mary Moor
307. Wilburn Little
308. Henry Little, Jun.
309. Caroline Hutton
310. Maryann Lowery
311. Sarah White
312. Charles Kelley (son of Charles Kelley, Sr. This is October 1849)
313. Esther White
314. Jane Whitfield
315. Raiborn Wyatt

316. Jane White (MN LIttle)
317. Marion Lowery
318. Eve, a sevant of Phebe McDanal
319. Phebe, a sevant of R. S.Sheperd
320. ??
321. James K. Byers
322. Arena (Ary) Byers
323. Mary McDanal, Sen.
324. Reuben, a sevant of R. S. Shephed
325. Lige, a sevant of N. McDanal

326. Z. W. H. Acton
327. Zilpha Acton
328. Elizabeth Bragg
329. Moren Bragg
330. Lanzalot Armstrong
331. Sarah Armstrong
332. Garland Jones
333. Willa Jones
334. Sarah Jones
335. Nancy Jones

336. Nicholas Hardin
337. William Acton
338. Elilzabeth Acton (his wife)
339. William Howard, Sen.
340. Hiram Armstrong
341. Green Berry Armstrong
342. Eliza E. McGuire
343. Elbert Armstrong
344. Pinckney Bass
345. Amanda Herring (wife of L. W. H.)

346. Lucyann Armstrong
347. Nancy White, Jr.
348. Sarah Lowery
349. Leonard Burrus McDonald
350. Eliza, a servant of R. S Shepherd
351. David Overton, Sen.
352. Samuel P. Byers
353. John Lowery
354. Mary Lowery, Jno’s wife
355. Jane H. Oliver

356. Anna Olive
357. Manson Glass
358. Margeret Lesley
359. John McGuire (son of Davidson & Margaret McGuire. This is on October 5, 1852)
360. Rachel McDonald
361. Elizabeth Byers or Byram
362. Mary, can’t read
363. Jefferson Weaver
364. Milly Lesley
365. Sarah Lowery

366. John Robert Goodwin
367. Colon Goodwin
368. Evan E. Moor
369. John J. McDanal
370. Mary L. Inzer
371. Macy C. Inzer
372. M. L. Inzer
373. Nancy Inzer, his wife
374. WIlliam M. Inzer
375. Iva, a servant of Isaac Johnson
376. Rebecca Howard
Demira Armstrong

December Term 1865
the following names is a list of the members that now belongs to Hebron Church


Allen McDonald
D. P. White
W. H. McDanal
John McLaughlin
W.P. Herring
John R. McDanal
Samuel P . Byers
Samsom Glazer
John D. McDanal
M. L. Inzer
John Glass
Robert Little
Joseph Byrum
G. B. Franklin
John L. Massey
Rayburn Wyatt
Isaac Loney ?
J. B. Elard
Andrew J. Ellard
/ McDanal
W. I. McDonald
Robert W. McDanal
James H. White
? B. McDanal
Wiley Carton?


Peby McDonald
Susan Herring
Louiza McDanal
Mary Hawkins
Mary Ann McDanal
Mary Worthy
Lodema Scott
Nancy Lowery
Marthy J. Courson
Saphrona Ellard
Marthy M. Herring
Easter White
Jane Little
Mary McDanall
Elizabeth Deshazo
Mary Easters
Nancy White
Nancy Inzer
Loucinda White
Sarry Byers
Margaret Elard (dismissed)
Arrena Owens
Tennifra Glass
Nancy Massey
Casady McDana
Elixa M. Massy
Mary E. McDanal
Malvina Lowery
Mary A. Byrum
Julan Hollinsworth
Nancy Loneys ?
Martha McDanal
Nancy McDonald
E. C. Byrum
J. G. McDonald
Mary McDonald
E. A . WHite
E. Owis
Sarah Massey
Martha Massey
Avaline ? McDanal
Martha McDanal, ?

(In the church records, there are notes in columns that follow each name. Below is a list of symbols that explain each note.
@ = Baptized

# = Received by letter

& = Restored

* = Dismissed by letter

$ = Excommunicated

∞ -= Dead